The Five Principles of Success

What if you could guarantee success in every area of your life? It is possible when you adopt techniques that allow you to think outside of your current perspectives. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides some highly effective techniques to allow you to go beyond what you have ever imagined up to this point, and gives you back choices you never realised, until now, that you had. 

To see success in your life, NLP provides some guiding principles, which when applied consistently will elevate you, expand your awareness and open you up to the opportunities you have been dreaming about. 

Here’s the five principles: 

  1. Know your outcome – Everyone knows that it is always best to begin with an intention, an outcome that you desire. Clarity is key to success. Tony Robbins takes it to the next level when he says ‘Clarity is power.’ It is the driving force for success. 
  2. Take action – while it seems like I am stating the obvious, many people say that they want a lot of things, but never take action towards their goals. They make excuses, give away their responsibility (through blame), or make up stories to justify why they are sitting around doing nothing. If nothing happens, nothing happens. Apply energy through action in the direction of your goals. 
  3. Have sensory acuity – Tune into the world around you through your five senses, broaden out your peripheral vision to take more information in, allowing your unconscious mind to begin recognising the shifts happening around you in the direction of your goals. This positive feedback loop will supercharge your focus and your motivation. 
  4. Have behavioural flexibility – if what you are doing is not working, do something else! Sinking your heels in with the attitude of ‘this is the only way it can happen’ is not tuning into the universal law of limitless possibilities. Open your mind up to the infinite and change your behaviour. The more flexible you are and willing to adapt the steps, the faster you will see your successful outcome. 
  5. Operate from a physiology and psychology of excellence – operating at ‘10’ all the time in your attitude and actions will empower you. Excellence reproduces after itself, and your state will be contagious. Maintaining a state of excellence is a daily practice. 

This is just one of the many tools NLP can provide you with. If you are ready to put aside your fear and all of your excuses and take life to another level of success, contact us to find out about our next Practitioner Training. 


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