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Cherry Farrow's life philosophy is centred around the principle that every human being has the resources within to thrive in life! She empowers individuals to overcome any presenting problem, personal or professional, huge or tiny, by teaching them how to be Mind Fit!

Having successfully helped hundreds of people release Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, OCD, CRPS, Weight, Phobias, Business Limitations, Relationship woes, Trauma, Communication traps, Obsessive thinking, 'Lack' mentality, Feelings of not good enough, imposter syndrome, Conflict, Cherry makes Mastering Your Mindset simple and achievable. She works exclusively with individuals who are ready to expand their mind and learn how to coach themselves tosuccess.

Through the power of her edutaining workshops Cherry equips individuals with the tools to conquer their biggest nemisis - the itty, bitty, shitty committee in their own mind.

Being an internationally accredited trainer, Cherry also conducts training programs which produce world class coaches to continue creating a positive impact on the world. These training retreats are held in the beautiful part of the world Cherry calls home, on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

Cherry Farrow


To empower and equip at least one individual in each household worldwide with NLP coaching skills to enable them to impact their family first and then the world in reducing Mental Disorders by creating a community of successful minds globally.

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About Successful Minds

Successful Minds is about creating a growth mindset, succeeding despite obstacles, triumphing over restricting conditioning, gaining self awareness, utilising effective communication methods & skills, identifying learning styles, developing emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and negotiation, cooperation and collaboration.

Growth mindset, the ‘buzz’ word of current times what is it?  In a nutshell, people with growth mindsets are constantly learning and growing to be their best self. These are individuals who enjoy challenges and believe that their intelligence, talents, and basic abilities can be increased or enhanced through putting in the work and consistent dedicated effort.

Successful Minds Institute helps people be MindFit(™) using processes known as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming); Time Line Therapy(TM); Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Our Mission is to have at least one NLP Certified Practitioner at the Master Level in every home. We believe when you are MindFit(™) you have the ability to positively impact anyone, but particularly those in the closest relationship with you.  Imagine the significant impact and profound social changes with YOU being able to help people be free from negative emotions, limiting beliefs, painful memories and traumas, which hinder them from realising their full potential and success.

What Others Say

What is NLP?

NLP was developed at the University of California by Richard Bandler, who was a student of computer science and mathematics and John Grinder, a professor of linguistics (Tosey & Matheson, 2003).

Grinder and Bandler studied people who were producing excellent results with the aim to discover exactly what was happening in the minds, bodies and behaviours of these people. Their ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to consistently achieve successful results. NLP
is a study of excellence.

NLP has achieved popularity in a variety of professions from teaching to coaching, counselling and therapy to lawyers, nursing to athletics, actors and musicians to Presidents, parenting to archaeology, in leadership, management and business because the collection of practical skills, techniques and strategies are easily adapted to any discipline.

NLP is an art and a science for success, a proven methodology in increasing resilience and the ability to master change and cognitive processes, promoting mental health, emotional intelligence and general wellbeing.

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