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NLP Practitioner Training

"I wasn’t happy with where I was and was not able to see my way forward. My biggest fear was what ‘crap’ would come up and I would end up in a mess. I was able to clear the ‘stuff’ and I feel amazing! My favourite part was the healing and the space to heal, the learnings I took and the tools I can now use. Everyone needs to just do this training. You will not regret it. It’s life changing and the trainers are amazing, generous people. Look out world, here I come!"
Wendy A
"I had been struggling with confidence and self doubt despite a successful career and marriage. I needed to be able to focus on my growth. My biggest fear before coming was that I would not be able to meet the expectations of this training however I am amazed at how I ‘smashed’ it. The camaraderie of the fellow trainees and the support of the trainers makes it hard to name a favourite part of the training. I really think Time Line Therapy would be the high point. It was just life changing! Don’t hesitate, this training will change your future."
Linda K
"Life wasn’t going the way I wanted and I was feeling blocked. I knew there was something wrong with me inside and felt limited. My biggest fear was sharing a house with others that I didn’t know, let alone sharing and releasing my ‘stuff’. My favourite part of the training was the feedback without judgement and the very interactive training. I made amazing new friends and I am not carrying my burden anymore. I now have a more positive outlook on my life. I took a ‘before’ and ‘after’ photo of myself and the change in me on the outside is amazing. This has been the best decision and investment I have ever made!"
Kerri H
"I had a strong feeling that something was blocking me for moving forward with my life. I wanted to see my future. My biggest fear was that it wouldn’t work for me. I now believe that what I have done with you is life changing and I am now going on to do Master Practitioner. My favourite part was meeting my unconscious mind! Seeing the dancing spider and flashing strobe lights during phobia removal was amazing. NLP Practitioner training was a life changing experience. I would recommend doing any training with Inspire & Inform. You can start small to test if it’s right for you."
Angela C
"I had done this training 3 years ago and knew that I needed to reinforce things I had learned then. I heard things the second time around that I had deleted before! I will always be so grateful I came again. I removed many limiting decisions and no longer will I listen to my self talk. The Agreement Frame is fabulous and I will use this when getting my point of view across in a succinct way. Awesome training!"
Robyn T
"I was fed up with the same situation over and over again. I needed to seek information and insight and find a direction in my life. Prior to the training I was fearful of not getting through the ‘shit’ to find the root cause. The Parts Integration was my favourite part of training, it was of huge value to me personally. This training is so empowering. It was very comforting, very challenging but I was fed up with the old grind, the repeated patterns, and prepared to do the work. It is very empowering!"
Lyn T
"I used to find it difficult pursuing and committing to romantic relationships. I played the ‘effect’ side of the equations during relationships. My fear before attending was that I would be stuck in a cycle of dating/sabotage/search/frustration etc. During the 7 days of training I have decided to give a relationship a go with a beautiful man I have been afraid to commit to. I enjoyed the practice sessions every morning and the fact they integrated the theory side with real life situations. I didn’t realise how therapeutic this week would be for me. I just love the way Cherry delivers her teachings, as well, she is very engaging. This training will change your life! It will show you how powerful you are and how to take off the shit covered glasses to see how beautiful and clear your life can be."
Lisa I
"I was stuck in events of my past and was keenly aware that it was affecting every part of my life. I didn’t connect with family, friends, even at work. I was only there part of the time in my head. My body and wellbeing was in a state! I asked myself what else I could do as counselling wasn’t doing it for me. I just needed an experience that made sense and this does. My biggest fear was that I would just show up and go through the motions and it would just be another certificate piece of paper. Not only did that show up as false, I got such a profound open and joyous experience. I loved all the practical work that I could do in a way that worked for me. I loved the interaction with the other students and trainers. Best part was learning to release my Limiting Beliefs.
Do this if you want more connections, communication, understanding and practical tools to get that in your life. If you want a genuine conversation with yourself and others this course and this company delivers!"
Rachel W
"Prior to this training it felt like I was falling apart, blaming others and lost on a ferris wheel with no way to get off. I was fearful of facing my embarrassment, feeling ashamed and being honest. Now, I feel amazing! I met new people, learned techniques and watched and witnessed all trainees step into our inner potential. Inspire & Inform were my lifeline. They opened my eyes to my life and my inner potential. They assisted in finding, understanding the way I feel and what I believe. I learned so much about myself and how wonderful I am. I found my inner strength that I can use in everyday life. I released my limitations, understood what I thought were boundaries, and smashed them anyway. I now have the tools and resources to help myself and help others to know how amazing you are and life is fantastic. Only you can create your future. My NOW and FUTURE is sensational!"
Belinda H
"I needed to see how far I could push myself to really understand my full potential. I will now live out my awesome life with full conscious awareness.
My biggest fear when signing up for this training was ‘are they just in this for the $s’ and ‘do they really care enough to be raw and truly correct’. The result could not be further from my ‘mind read’. This is the most genuine and life changing experience I will learn from for life.
My favourite part was being allowed to ask whatever I was curious about without feeling as though I was annoying the trainers and others. TLT, Parts and hypnosis specifically are ‘techniques’ that I see profound results from (and love). Master Practitioner training here I come! Give yourself permission to get to know yourself at a level that most people fear to understand. Every area of your life will see profound changes if you are open minded enough to value your life and the current limitation YOU put on achieving."
Tania D

Release Your Limitations Seminars

"My favourite part of the training was the NLP, the flow and balance of the theory and practical application and practice was great. I wanted to do this seminar to help me get organised, develop tools to better deal with distractions and road blocks that delay me achieving my goals. After speaking with Cherry at the Health & Wellbeing Expo, I decided to attend It met all my needs, I removed those roadblocks in my mind. I gained an understanding of how important it is to use the right words and how I phrase Things. Loved it all."
Marty H
"This seminar showed me how to master my state and be at cause. It was interactive, fun, informed, showed lots of examples and I used myself as example too, plus lots of exercises. I have done this seminar twice now and I’m happy to have been given the opportunity to join this session and go over it all again. It is great for self development, goal setting and releasing limited beliefs. The training gave me strategies, and now I know how to spell. There has been a change, a shift in my thinking. I now realise that I have got more concrete strategies to work on and I am looking forward to it."
Eppin I
"Even though I struggled with the concept initially, the Timeline sessions were very beneficial. The thing I liked most was how positive the seminar was. It was a safe environment and the benefits can begin immediately – its up to me! I had heard about the seminar from several people and due to my changing life situation I decided to attend. I am now very positive about my future."
Peter R
"The sheer knowledge gained from this seminar is amazing, simple and easy to understand at all levels. The take home booklet is invaluable. I love Cherry’s voice in person as well as in my head. I can’t get enough reinforcement of all I have learnt. I have attended before and it just gets better. It has reinforced and added more knowledge and ideas to my life."
Julie H
"The best bit about the seminar was the simple principles applied to get the best results. I came along mainly for personal development and to help deal with my motion sickness. Cherry Farrow showed me ways to change. I now feel more positive, confident and motivated for the future."
Julie D
"I loved this entire seminar. There was a balance between information given and personal stories to support it. I have always been curious about NLP, I needed to change what I was doing that wasn’t working for me. I really explored my limiting beliefs and secondary gains. I was able to let go of the negative emotions through Time Line Therapy. Great training."
Robyn B W
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