The Real World Results of NLP

Learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming as an achiever sets you up to acquire skills that you can use in your everyday life to attain goals that impact your life or that of others. We apply the NLP skills we learn in many different scenarios in daily life activities. Here are some areas that can benefit from NLP interventions:  


1. Communication 

Communication is a basic skill used in everyday life. NLP improves communication in the following ways:

  • NLP enables you to make use of your sensory acuity in daily communication. In this context, you can observe and listen intently to people when they are communicating with you. 

  • With NLP, you learn the intricacies of language so you can sort for certain things in someone’s language as they speak.  

  • Through NLP techniques, many fields can benefit in making communication better. Professionals can apply NLP techniques to improve their areas of work. For instance, NLP can refine how:

  • A teacher communicates with students

  • How politicians communicate with the public to influence their behaviour

  • How a doctor communicates with patients 

  • Managers and Leaders create a rapport with employees and improve their productivity at work


2. Business

NLP is embraced in the business world and has proved effective in various aspects of a business. Business is naturally a field with a need for communication, self-belief, and emotional intelligence. You can apply NLP techniques in the following:

  • Sales

  • Team building

  • Presentation and public speaking

  • Planning 

NLP enables you to engage well with customers. Through NLP Modelling, you can improve your public speaking and presentation skills. NLP can positively impact your organizational skills so that you can plan effectively. The business world is known for competition, and it does not hurt to have the desire to be like influential people in business. Mirroring in NLP can help improve business through adapting techniques of successful people in the same field.

3. Teaching

Teaching is a profession that requires managerial and leadership expertise. NLP supplements teaching skills in the following ways:

  • NLP helps you as a teacher focus on your students’ outcomes and results 

  • Through NLP, you set clear, reachable targets for your students and even yourself as a teacher by understanding the learners’ mindset and freeing yourself from limitations

  • Once you make progressive personal development, you can impact and lead your students. Additionally, NLP enables you to create a rapport with students, which creates a great environment for them to learn. 


4. Personal Development

NLP can help you improve communication with yourself and with others. NLP can help you to:

  • Improve your relationships with others 

  • Through various techniques, you get to influence yourself in a better way to overcome limitations in your life. Additionally, the NLP framework allows you to influence people around you. 

  • When you fine-tune your thinking and behaviour through NLP techniques, you can overcome many phobias and personal limitations that prevent you from achieving your goals. 

You can use NLP to manage your anxiety and negativity in your life and typically make some strides toward personal development.


5. Sales and Marketing

NLP can easily help you drive your sales through various techniques central to customer values: 


  • NLP in marketing enables you to understand your customers’ needs and align them with your products 

  • NLP techniques will allow you to understand the language of communication when selling products to customers

  • When you elicit your customers’ values through linguistics, you can influence their decision to purchase your product or service through appeal. Additionally, you can set an anchor that associates with the customers’ values and allows them to make the right choice with no buyer’s remorse.

6. NLP in Health

Health professionals sometimes use NLP as a therapeutic and managerial intervention.. For instance, in clinical therapy, some NLP techniques can help patients to manage certain mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. The NLP techniques such as anchoring, rapport, and visual/kinesthetic dissociation, negative emotional release can help patients to manage their health.

Generally, NLP can positively impact most fields of work and everyday life. NLP training teaches essential life skills that enable us to make personal developments in many areas of our lives.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch. I would love to support you in starting the journey to unlock your full potential!


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  1. NLP 3 little letters with such a massive impact!
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