The Moment That Matters


Stay with me for a moment: just one.

There is a moment – just one moment – between the time when something in the outside world occurs (in NLP we call this a stimulus) and the time in which you react to that event. This is the split-second in which you can decide on your response.

Has someone hurt you? How will you react? Will you become angry? Cry out? Hurt them back? Talk to them and find out why they behaved the way they did? Will you do nothing and walk away, blaming yourself for your own pain? Which response sounds the most like you right now?

Which response would serve you best?

Did you know you can learn to respond in the best possible way for yourself? It takes discipline, and training, and the result is a more powerful You. This is where Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) makes such a difference to so many people. Choosing your thoughts frees you to really become the kind of person you want to be – and this is the first step towards creating the kind of life you’ve always wanted.

This is why NLP is such a powerful tool, offering self-mastery to those who have taken the time and trouble to invest in themselves. They have been taught to recognise these moments – and to harness them to their advantage. This is a skill, not a natural-born talent and it is something you can learn too. Life is full of tiny moments that, handled correctly, can make a big difference. Just a single moment can give you the edge you’ve been looking for in your career, or personal life, or even in your own business.

In that single moment between stimulus and reaction you have the power to make a difference – both to yourself and the other person involved.

This is the moment your power counts. This is the moment that matters – and it’s all yours’.

Stay with it – just for a moment – and make that difference to yourself.

Was there ever a moment when you could have made a difference like this? Share your story in the Comments box below.

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