Hypnosis & Stage Shows

Hypnosis Stage Shows are good fun, make everybody laugh and for that short time it allows everyone to forget about their problems and allows them to feel good and enjoy life.

People however wrongly believe that the hypnotist is “controlling” the volunteers on stage. This is so far from the truth.

In fact, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. These people allow themselves to take on the suggestions given by the hypnotherapist and act out those suggestions. The fact that they can act on these suggestions shows the power they have over their own mind. These are the people who have the ability to take on suggestions to quit smoking, lose weight, heal from dis-ease, increase confidence or performance, manage stress, overcome adversity etc and reach their potential, personally and professionally. These people have extremely powerful minds. They are also up for having fun and entertaining others.

If you are stuck up and have your own fears or demons, you may think that people on the stage are making fools of themselves. Far from it! They will not enact anything that is against their values or beliefs. You will see many times that not everyone carries out the suggestion of the hypnotist and the only reason for this is that “it’s not for them”. They are happy to do other things though.   The ones on stage are the ones that have had the best time and always come up and say thankyou for a great night. They feel really good afterwards.

Of course, like any profession, you have people who are really good at it and their sole purpose is to make sure people leave feeling better than when they came, and you have others that don’t really care or don’t have as much compassion. You will sense this and usually the latter will have a great deal of trouble to get you into trance and/or enact suggestions.

This is the myth about hypnosis – no one can control your mind – only you can. You allow the hypnotist to work with you to achieve the outcome you want. In a therapist setting what is the purpose of going to see a hypnotherapist if you are not going to follow their suggestions? You see a hypnotherapist because you want to be a better version of you.

For those that go to stage shows and then judge others, come and see me because I can help you with that too.

Until then ………just, RELAX 🙂


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