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How to Make Better Decisions and Fast using NLP

Decisions, decisions. At any given moment in our lives we are often faced with decision-making that can leave us feeling stuck and frustrated. When you find yourself wavering in the balance, use this brilliant NLP framework that will quickly help you gain clarity and make that decision more quickly – it’s called the “Outcome Frame.” 

This technique is used to help you clarify your goals, identify potential obstacles, and develop strategies for achieving your desired outcomes.

Here is an overview of the steps involved in using the Outcome Frame technique:


  1. Identify the outcome: The first step is to identify the specific outcome that you want to achieve. This outcome should be stated in positive, specific, and measurable terms.
  2. Check for ecology: The next step is to consider the potential consequences of achieving the outcome, both positive and negative. This includes considering the impact on yourself, others, and the broader environment. If any negative consequences are identified, they should be addressed before proceeding.
  3. Identify the resources: The third step is to identify the resources, both internal and external, that you have or will need to achieve the outcome. This may include skills, knowledge, support, and any other resources that are necessary.
  4. Test the options: The fourth step is to consider different options or strategies for achieving the outcome. This may involve asking questions like “what would happen if I do” or “what would happen if I don’t.” These questions help to identify potential obstacles and evaluate the likely outcomes of different approaches.
  5. Develop an action plan: The final step is to develop a specific action plan for achieving the outcome. This plan should be based on the options identified in step four and should include specific steps, timelines, and milestones.

The Outcome Frame technique is a powerful NLP tool for decision-making and goal-setting, as it encourages you to consider the potential consequences of your actions, identify the resources you need, and develop a clear and actionable plan for achieving your desired outcome. By using this technique, you will improve your ability to achieve your goals and make more informed and effective decisions.



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