5 Powerful Ways NLP Will Change Your Life

Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) studies how our minds and bodies process and make sense of real-world data received through our nervous system and how that affects our outward behavior. We usually receive data through our five sensory systems, which are hearing, seeing, feel, smell and taste.


NLP techniques can help you become more confident, productive, and a better communicator by optimizing your mindset. Below are five powerful ways that NLP will change your life:


1. Be A Better Communicator

Excellent communicators have three traits. They know what they want, develop their sensory acuity and are flexible in their behavior when talking to others. 


The best way to build rapport and influence the other person’s mood is by speaking their language. How you do that is by understanding their internal representational system. 

NLP proponents believe that we all have lead and primary internal representational systems. We use these systems to process external data from the world and form a state of mind, which in turn translates into our outward behavior.

Learning to read your communication partner’s internal representational systems will help you communicate with them more effectively because ‘you speak their language’.


2. Confidence to Go After The Life You Want

It is a known fact that lack of self-belief is a big reason why people don’t go after the life they desire. But it doesn’t stop there. We often have unconscious limiting beliefs that inhibit us from doing certain things. You’ve probably heard someone or caught yourself saying ‘I am not good enough for this.’ That is a limiting belief!


NLP helps you identify such beliefs and overcome them through NLP reframing.


Source: NLP World


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3. Overcoming Past Trauma


Your internal representation system forms the lens through which you view present conditions. This system grows over time from your beliefs and experiences. If those experiences were negative, like in the case of a traumatic experience, it is likely to affect our judgment on experiences surrounding a similar issue.

NLP’s Time-Line Therapy lets you go over your life’s timeline and identify traumatic experiences and how they shape your representational system. In so doing, you can dissociate from negative experiences and transform your internal representational system to help you react to present experiences based on present conditions instead of past traumatic experiences.



4. Learning New Skills


Mirroring is a popular and effective NLP technique used by many successful people when venturing into new spheres of life or when trying to accomplish a new goal. If you’re looking to learn a new skill, study how people who have mastered the skill did it and mirror or copy those actions. 



5. Finding Motivation

While we cannot avoid bad days and negative emotions, it is possible to change our internal states to happier, motivated, and more productive states using NLP techniques such as anchoring.


If you’re feeling demotivated, think of a time in your life when you were highly motivated. Think about it in vivid detail such that you can feel the exact emotions you felt, the smells around you, your gait, and that feeling that you could accomplish anything. 


You now want to transfer that feeling to your present condition. To do that, find an anchor device such as squeezing your left index and middle finger in your right hand and continue to relive the memory until you find motivation in your present condition.


By doing this repeatedly and activating your anchor device in the same way each time, you will naturally access that state of motivation on command.


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Changing your internal representational system can change your life for the better in different domains. These are but a few ways that NLP can help you lead a better life

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