Release Your Limitations

Next Workshop –

Adelaide | February Saturday 11th –  Sunday 12th 2023. Get in touch to register your interest!

Improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your thoughts and actions.

By diving deeper into what could be preventing your growth, personally and professionally, you can amplify your ability to bring out your best self and gain greater fulfilment in your life.

Feeling like you are not quite living up to your true potential? What is it that is holding you back? In this transformational training you will learn the basic building blocks of NLP to assist you to release what is limiting you to be able to move forward on the trajectory needed to be living up to your full potential. 

Whether you are in a bit of a slump, not fulfilling your goals,  just need a boost or are actually looking for a career change then this is the simple, short, fast tracked training for you to start to move towards what you really want to be doing or how you want to be feeling in life.


As a result of attending this 2 day workshop, you will…

  • have a clearly defined plan of action and steps to take to achieve your goals
  • increase confidence and inner peace
  • leave feeling focused, motivated and ready to take ACTION!

Specific changes that may occur …

  • increased focused
  • more positive and more feelings of gratitude
  • improved communication
  • job promotion/change or increased sales in business
  • career change
  • improved relationships with co-workers/family

Understand keys to listening and building trust. Discover listening techniques that will help you become a more impactful leader at home or in the workplace. Uncover strategies to help you communicate your message assertively. Learn your communication style and the communication style of others around you. Learn strategies to motivate and influence others


Get clear about the goals that will change your life

Learn goal setting techniques to help you achieve goals consistently

Learn 3 keys to implementing successful thought processes each day

Live with more ease and deal with unexpected changes or obstacles through learning effective response strategies

Learn powerful techniques to help you identify and accept yourself and release limiting thoughts & beliefs

Understand your emotions and handle interpersonal relationships wisely and with empathy

Use emotional intelligence to build trust and grow influence

Learn how to activate your strengths and strengths of others you work with or live with.


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