NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Next Training: Week One: 28th June – 5th July 2022 | Week Two: TBA

This 2-week training takes you to another level of applying your NLP skills and techniques. You will learn how to piece together the modelling principles of NLP to design your own techniques as well as learn advanced business and educational applications. Being a Master Practitioner is not about learning more techniques. It is about building on your existing skills to build new models.

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Once you have completed the NLP Practitioner certification the next step is to Master NLP.

The NLP practitioner certification training is the essential building blocks to go onto become a Master Practitioner in NLP to assist clients with even more complex cases and to give you greater understanding of the art of NLP to use in all areas of life. Career, Business, Personal, Education, Spiritual, Health and Wellbeing to name a few. 

In this extensive training Cherry will immerse you in her vast knowledge of NLP, TLT, Coaching and Hypnosis from her years of experience in seeing clients and training students. 

Have you ever been in a situation where it all just fell into place easily once you took a bit of action on what you wanted? Yet other times it was an up hill battle? In the Master Practitioner you will find out why this happens in some areas of life and not others and be able to transfer those strategies across to have every area of life fall into place when you take action towards what you want. 

Whether you are looking at developing yourself, your career or business the NLP Certification training will assist you in gaining the skills necessary to move forward with volition. 

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