Master Your Mindset

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Adelaide: 17th – 18th February 2024
Mount Gambier: 2nd – 3rd March 2024
Port Lincoln (Salt Festival): 20th – 21st April 2024

What this course is about

Improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your thoughts and actions. By diving deeper into what could be preventing your growth, personally and professionally, you can amplify your ability to bring out your best self and gain greater fulfilment in your life.
Be the Master of your Mindset


7th – 18th February 2024

Mount Gambier
2nd – 3rd March 2024

Port Lincoln (Salt Festival)
20th – 21st April 2024

This 48-hour event will change your life!

What to expect

As a result of attending this workshop, you will…

Enhanced Focus and Positivity:
Break free from limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential, fostering enhanced focus and positivity.

Career Advancement:
Gain valuable insights and strategies to propel your careers forward.

Strengthened Relationships:
Strengthen your relationships at work and in your personal life.

Meet your Trainer

Cherry Farrow is a transformative Mindset Coach with over 15 years of experience helping individuals unlock their full potential. Through her proven Mind Fit framework, Cherry empowers clients to overcome challenges like stress, anxiety, depression, and phobias and cultivate lasting inner strength. She has trained many world-class coaches who have positively impacted the lives of thousands worldwide. Cherry’s mission is to equip at least one person in every household with essential NLP coaching skills to promote well-being and reduce mental illness.

Specific changes that may occur …

Increased focused

More positive and more feelings of gratitude

Improved communication

Qualified in:

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