Developing Successful Minds School Program

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The ‘Developing Successful Minds’ Program, delivered by Successful Minds Institute, is a resilience and solution based approach, using the strategies of Neuro Linguistic Programming, to ensure a mentally healthy school and community.

Successful Minds methodology is about creating a growth mindset, succeeding despite obstacles, triumphing over restricting conditioning, gaining self awareness, utilising effective communication methods & skills, identifying learning styles, developing emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, negotiation, cooperation and collaboration.


The Successful Minds School Program has been designed to get the best outcomes for students, educators and parents through delivering not only the school but also to the community so as to have everyone on the same page.

Through the use of NLP we are able to assist schools with strategies and techniques to improve behaviour, motivation and learning of students. The Program invites educators to see more possibilities to deliver content and engage all students. We also provide the opportunity for parents and care givers to come along to learn and understand what we are delivering so they can help implement what has been learnt in the school at home too.

At this stage our focus is on regional schools and we adapt our program to each schools uniqueness and problem areas with pre and post sessions to ensure we are delivering to the schools needs and that they are able to implement the strategies and techniques we know work.


  • Increased motivation for learning and keeping engaged.
  • Encouraging empowerment, making self control and choice a reality.
  • Student engagement and retaining attention to improve learning ability.
  • Greater communication & connection between educators, students and parents.
  • Preventing mental health issues and knowing how to maintain good mental health.
  • See events/situations as a learning and resilient building experience.
  • Knowing how to perceive and reduce effects of future events.
  • Building emotional intelligence.


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